Continuing Education

In the belief that there are always new things to learn and always room for improvement, I took an audio workshop this past weekend. It is part of a 3 session Voice over workshop. Each workshop session is designed to cover different technical areas in the business of the voice over artist.
The first session dealt with the physical studio space. And as you know, I am I the middle of trying to design my "special room" in my basement, so this session was very interesting to me.
It was great to talk to the other actors there and learn what their set ups consisted of and hear what they were capable of producing with their said set ups. We all varied in our technical savvy, equipment and experience.
I learned alot about the physical space and sound in general. I now know that while not ideal in size, my basement plan will work. I have gained some invaluable information with regard to design and necessity vs convenience. For instance, would it be great to have acoustic panels on the walls of my new studio? Absolutely. Can I get away or make do with hanging heavy blankets or cloth two inches from the wall to achieve a comparable solution: yes.
This workshop was wonderful for many reasons, here are two:  

  1. I was rejuvenated about the construction of my space. It will be MY SPACE and my business can do nothing but improve because of my new designated area.
  2. I am guilty of sometimes allowing Fear to paralyze me, bringing out the Procrastinator me. Feeling that I am not going to be able to produce something as good as the next artist. Now as I said there is always room for improvement and I appreciate this. I was reminded that putting my self out there is the only way to improve. If nobody hears it... ("If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"  does it matter? No. If I am creating the most incredible recordings and it sits in my computer, does it matter what space or equipment I am using? No.   I discovered that, despite it all, I am getting pretty good results!

Lessons learned. I am, I can and I will.


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