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Step Two!

Ready for cleaning!

The Start of Phase One

The scraping waterproofing and painting has begun!


So....I have my closet space/booth set up and it actually is working pretty good! I think it will be just the ticket until my "upgraded" booth is built. However,  todays schedule of recording several auditions in addition to a chapter or two of the audio book Ive been hired to read, is on hold.  The wind is so strong outside that I can hear it and the warning sirens AND the emergency sirens going off at various times.  I am holding out that it will let up at some point so I can get a little accomplished today, but Mother Nature is boss. So, I will read more of my script, and practice sans recording.

Going into the closet

Okay, so I finally cleared a "space" in the closet and recorded some stuff.  We will see if it is usable.  I was really frustrated earlier today as I had recorded an audition in my old space and tried to edit it.  Needless to say all the editing in the world couldn't fix it. the closet I went.  Lets see what happens from here.....

Getting Motivated!

The holidays are over and after considerable time away from the mic, I am anxious to get back at it.  It was good to have some time without deadlines and schedules!  But, I am getting antsy to start being creative and productive.  I recorded an audio book audition so that is my first item on the to do list.  I also have to up load my test take to Librovox and then record a chapter for a book there. And, lets not forget the whole building a booth project, which has its own to do list...... And GO! --