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File Saving

So- as promised I am trying to blog more about the current reflections, ponderings and progress in my voice over projects. And today I decided that I would inquire minds about favorite "file saving" practices. This is an example of my file saving procedure: First: I create a new folder.  I title it with something clever, like the name of the audiobook, or the brand or company name. ;) Then inside of that folder I create: Raw Audio I label a file folder:  1 ________ Raw Audio.  (insert the name of the book, or commercial, company etc) All raw audio (before any edits) are saved into this file.  I save them by chapter number, take #, etc (ex: Folder title:  1_Memoirs_Raw Audio) I number the folders sequentially so that it makes them easier to find as they will be grouped numerically. (ex: File title: Memoirs_ch_1_) Rough Edit I label a file folder:  2 ________ Rough Edit I open the raw audio file and before I even listen to it, I "Save As", and save th

First Audiobook Completed!

I am feeling quite pleased tonight!  I finished my first audiobook! Hindsight is twenty twenty and I should have been writing about my progress as I went along. I hereby make the resolution to do so with my next one. Overall and to the point, I learned alot and believe that my skills have improved.  I learned that sometimes I underestimate myself.  I proved to myself that I can narrate and narrate well.  Not only that but I can produce said audiobook as well! I will post my progress more diligently so that I can better share my experience and hopefully gain more insight from others as well.