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Ring in the New Year!

2012 was slow starting out, but once the momentum picked up, it seemed to be non stop greatness.  I met new friends, formed new creative networks and got to work and grow as an artist.  I  am convinced that 2013 will be even better!  I already have creative collaborations planned with Tyson Douglas Rand and another with Victoria Stanbridge! I am participating in the NEOMFA Playwrights Festival and hope to work and design at Con Con again as well as network elsewhere!  Big things in 2013!


One of the most difficult things for me as a voice over actor is trying to find a quite spot to record.  Right now I have a temporary "box" set up in the basement. A simple wood frame box covered with blankets and foam.   It has worked up to this point, but it is not really suitable for the long haul.  In order to produce higher quality material, I need higher quality tools. I am in the process of doing two projects right now.  The first is building an isolation booth in the basement.  However in the meantime I have to have a space to record until that project is finished.  And like most home building projects when you start one project it usually unveils yet another project that is going to take priority.  In order for me to complete my booth, I need to clean and prep the basement walls for sealant and paint.  Whew. Sometimes I think it would be easier just to rent a space and convert it.  Did I mention that my house is very small!  But, I also figured that even if I do re