Its Official! I Will Be Directing....

Swimming in the Shallows by Adam Bock Thursdays through Saturdays, May 2 – 24.  (Cleveland premiere)  Directed by Lisa Wiley at convergence-continuum Barb finds out that Buddhist monks in Thailand only own eight things and wonders if that is all she wants. She starts giving away her things, but her husband Bob keeps buying her new ones. Donna wants Carla Carla to marry her, but Carla Carla doesn't like that Donna smokes. Nick falls in love with a shark at the aquarium. They go on a date to the beach, and Nick tries not to sleep with the shark too fast. Plus dream sequences. Plus a wedding. "Got Something To Say? Let Me Do The Talking!" Voice Over Artist Cleveland, Ohio 419-366-3734 Narrator for "Unlikely: A Kingdoms Gone Story" & "Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite"  Now Available at: Audible, Amazon and iTunes

Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite New Release

Here it is! The release of the audiobook  Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite.   Here is a link to Audible:   Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite The book is written by Lianne Simon and narrated by, yours truly!

File Saving

So- as promised I am trying to blog more about the current reflections, ponderings and progress in my voice over projects. And today I decided that I would inquire minds about favorite "file saving" practices. This is an example of my file saving procedure: First: I create a new folder.  I title it with something clever, like the name of the audiobook, or the brand or company name. ;) Then inside of that folder I create: Raw Audio I label a file folder:  1 ________ Raw Audio.  (insert the name of the book, or commercial, company etc) All raw audio (before any edits) are saved into this file.  I save them by chapter number, take #, etc (ex: Folder title:  1_Memoirs_Raw Audio) I number the folders sequentially so that it makes them easier to find as they will be grouped numerically. (ex: File title: Memoirs_ch_1_) Rough Edit I label a file folder:  2 ________ Rough Edit I open the raw audio file and before I even listen to it, I "Save As", and save th

First Audiobook Completed!

I am feeling quite pleased tonight!  I finished my first audiobook! Hindsight is twenty twenty and I should have been writing about my progress as I went along. I hereby make the resolution to do so with my next one. Overall and to the point, I learned alot and believe that my skills have improved.  I learned that sometimes I underestimate myself.  I proved to myself that I can narrate and narrate well.  Not only that but I can produce said audiobook as well! I will post my progress more diligently so that I can better share my experience and hopefully gain more insight from others as well.

Continuing Education

In the belief that there are always new things to learn and always room for improvement, I took an audio workshop this past weekend. It is part of a 3 session Voice over workshop. Each workshop session is designed to cover different technical areas in the business of the voice over artist. The first session dealt with the physical studio space. And as you know, I am I the middle of trying to design my "special room" in my basement, so this session was very interesting to me. It was great to talk to the other actors there and learn what their set ups consisted of and hear what they were capable of producing with their said set ups. We all varied in our technical savvy, equipment and experience. I learned alot about the physical space and sound in general. I now know that while not ideal in size, my basement plan will work. I have gained some invaluable information with regard to design and necessity vs convenience. For instance, would it be great to have acoustic

VO spot for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History